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    Minister of Education makes an inspection trip to Shaanxi province

    Source: www.moe.gov.cn

    Minister of Education Huai Jinpeng made an inspection trip to Shaanxi province between August 11th and 12th to assess progress in strengthening school-industry partnerships across vocational education institutions, increasing job opportunities for college graduates, and improving higher education in China’s less prosperous central and northwestern provinces. While visiting a number of vocational schools and colleges, he made some remarks.

    The minister conveyed President Xi’s instructions about strengthening vocational education and improving employment rates among graduates. In this regard, he expressed satisfaction with the province’s progress in improving education at all levels and facilitating employment for college graduates.

    In order to produce a skilled workforce capable of realizing China’s potential as an innovation-driven economy, MOE is ready to work with Shaanxi to promote industry-education alliances, he said.

    While discussing the goal of revitalizing higher education in the northwestern provinces, Huai stressed the importance of reforming existing talent training approaches and embracing innovative pedagogical methods. Additionally, he noted that digitalization is a game-changer and emphasized the importance of collaboration between industry and academia.